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We can help you "Get your SHIFT together!" We are A-833 four-speed transmission specialists, period. We have everything you need to make your A-833 four-speed transmission work as good as, or better than new.

Passon Performance offers:

  • Totally rebuilt 18- and 23-spline units that are ready to install
  • A full-service rebuild facility. All the parts that are necessary to perform your own rebuild
  • A repair service for repairing damaged gears, shafts, etc.
  • A variety of reproduction parts for the A-833 transmission
  • Free technical service to help you diagnose and solve your transmission problems
  • A full warranty on all work

When ordering parts from our Online Store, please be sure to have the following information included with your order:

  • Year of transmission
  • Synchronizer design
  • Year of vehicle
  • Make of vehicle
  • Make of engine
  • Engine size in cubic inches
  • Approximate engine horsepower
  • Approximate engine torque

We know the importance of “numbers matching cars” to certain individuals. Therefore, we pride ourselves in providing a truly top-quality rebuild service that will return your original transmission to peak performance!



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